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Lost mobile phone, Insurane claim, Unhelpful and very unprofessional staff

Lost my phone (iPhone XS Max) on 19/12/2018 around evening time. Went to Virgin store next morning to get a replacement sim card and to get the phone blocked. I was given the replacement sim card together the phone number to call and get the phone blocked. I had the insurance covering me so i needed to get the phone blocked or blacklisted and get the proof of usage and proof of barring of the phone. Now here when things started turning bad. Below is the list of some but not all what happened

1) 20/12/2019 ... Rang customer services to get the phone reported lost and get them to block / blacklist it. I was told because the phone has not been bought from VIRGIN, hence they can not blacklist the phone and I have to got back to the retailer i bought the phone from to get it blacklisted. A complete and utter crap as retailer no way can block or help in getting the phone black listed. I told the advisor that as far as I was aware, retailer can not blacklist the phone but I was told to OFF in a way by continuously giving me the same information which was apparently coming from their so called BACK OFFICE.

2) Rang again same day after speaking to insurance who informed me that legally MNO or network has to blacklist the phone regardless of where it has been purchased from once the customer reports it lost or stolen, I was given the same information again and no one was willing to help what so ever. Arranged a call back with manager who did not bother to call back.

3) Couple of days later, spoke to someone very helpful who informed me that this can be done and all he has to do was to email the BACK OFFICE with the phone details (Make, Model, IMEI) to get it registered first and then get it blocked from there. I was also told that one this has been registered and barred, I will get the proof of usage together proof of barring of the phone as well but it may take 5 to 7 working days. After this, I was happy that atleast now things are getting sorted but i was wrong.

4) Rang back again on 31/12/2018 where i was told that the phone has been blocked and that I can get the proof of usage from online account and the print it out which once again is a total and utter crap.

5) Rang again 05/01/2018 when I was given the same information again that they can not provide with the proof of barring of the phone as it has not been purchased from them. One more thing, they were not able to even locate the IMEI number or the make and model of the phone which apparently they blocked themselves and the lady on the other side of the phone (Marrie or someone by similar name, based in Phillipines) was very rude, arrogant, unprofessional and when asked to transfer the call to the manager or some one else, She declined the request. Also refused to file the complaint when asked number of times.

6) Rang back to speak to a different person who initially agreed to file the complaint and forward the call to manager but after placing me on hold for around 10 minutes, I was told that the manager can not help and I will be emailed a link to file the complaint. Surprisingly recieved 2 emails within 30 seconds gap, 
2) YOUR COMPLAINT RESOLUTION (saying that they have resolved the complaint)

I am now in process to file the complaint to Financial Ombudsman as no one in VIRGIN is competent enough to answer the queries.


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Re: Lost mobile phone, Insurane claim, Unhelpful and very unprofessional staff

Hi mirzaikram,

Thanks for your first post, welcome to our forums page. 

Very sorry to hear about this and for any frustration caused.

I will be more than happy to look into this further for you, I have sent you a private message, if you can provide the details requested I'll be more than happy to help.


Lindsey_C Forums Team

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