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Lost My Mobile Numbers!!

Joining in

Hi guys, hope you are well.

Today I have found out that my both mobile SIMs have been disconnected by Virgin Media Business in July. Yes, I'm a business customer, but they're not helping and referring me to O2 as VMB don't provide mobile contracts anymore.

The numbers were disconnected due to non Payment. However, I challenge this as the account was paid via DD, but they said it bounced and didn't try again. My Broadband was fine but the Mobiles they disconnected. Surely with the other networks, they just reconnect the line. I only found out today as I had turned the SIMs on. Prior to this, I experienced a huge bereavement so was not able to keep track. However, I have ZERO communication from VMB. No emails, texts on my main number, zero letters.

I have tried to get in touch with Virgin Media on social media, Virgin Media Business over telephone, O2, Vodafone (the original number issuer provider), all are putting me back to each other. I need your help guys, these 2 numbers are sentimental value to me. I don't mind taking a contract with Virgin Media to have these numbers back. I won't use these numbers for business purposes, they were just moved as I had a good deal.

When the number(s) are being called, the same voice is as the Virgin Mobile's answering machine. So I do have some hope the numbers are still in the system.

I would appreciate your help guys, please. This will mean a lot to me.



Alessandro Volta

I fear you are out of luck. Once a phone account is closed, the numbers are returned to a pool and will eventually be reissued to another customer.  It's not possible for a different provider to fish in that pool to find it.

Yes, the numbers are with Virgin Media Business, so Virgin Mobile can assist with this. But the first line support assistants aren't helpful in this matter!

Alessandro Volta

When you say the numebers are 'with' Virgin Business, do you mean the account is still running?

When I say "with", I mean Virgin Media Business have the numbers. They were the last network for it to be assigned on. But they are disconnected. So I'm not sure if the mobile account is running, but the operator was able to recognize both numbers on their system (read them out to me). When I call the numbers, the VM answering machine says "Calls to this number are not being connected". Exact same VM answering machine.

Hey @epangu,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear that you have lost your mobile number, unfortunately we wouldn't be able to help further with any Virgin Mobile business accounts or re-activate lines. Please could you call our mobile sales team on 0800 052 0238 and they will be happy to help, they will be able to setup a new account but they might not be able to retrieve the numbers for you.

Kind Regards,


Hi Steven,

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Please may you give me some sort of guarantee, some hope? These numbers were sentimental value to me. And they were disconnected early July. I already spoke to the Sales team on Live Chat, and they said they can only give random numbers. I would appreciate if you could help me, please!

Thanks for coming back to us @epangu, I cannot give you any guarantee I'm afraid and unfortunately we wouldn't be able to help further from here with numbers that are assigned to accounts, this is beyond what we are able to do from the forum team. 

Kind Regards,