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Left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing

Fibre optic

So after many posts on here about the poor data speeds I am now experiencing after being moved from Virgin/EE to Virgin/Vodafone I decided to take a gamble and swicth from Oomph to Volt. Anyway in the area I am with O2 is still as bad as Vodafone - 4-8mbps for both compared to 60-100mbps with EE.

Anyway that aside I have just received an email from Virgin expressing how sorry they are to see me leave and would I complete a survey.

No wonder the Volt forum is overflowing with disgruntled Netflix people who havent yet got access to it despite having Volt. Cant complain there. Mine is fine it's just Virgin have decided to charge me EXTRA for Netflix rather include it within the Volt package.

Oh well you cant have anything. My Volt package went up £9 from ooomph (which I could live with as Oomph had a £10 reduction. Now I have got an extra £10.99 on top for Netflix plus a further £30 for an EE package as O2 in the area I am in is c**p.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Apologies for the issues faced archercj,

Welcome back to the community.

May I ask when was the SIM switched to O2?

Also is the issue present everywhere?



It is happening in the location I work from, nothing has changed. Virgin/EE was fine - 50+mbps, Virgin/Vodafone and nor Virgin/O2 in the EXACT same location and equipment around 6-8mbps. I know signal will vary by provider and location.

And the SIM was switched in March i.e. Ooomph to Volt

Is it just your work location that you are having issues with the signal?
Can you specify are you having issues with the O2 signal?

The work location is rural. As I say Virgin/EE was happily producing 55-100mbps but when it was switched to Virgin/Vodafone I was getting much less than 10mbps and it has been the same since the move to O2. Since I have gone back to EE I am getting 55mbps+ speeds all the time.

I know it's the infrastructure (masts) of the suppliers but it is rather frustrating that to maintain a decent speed I have to ditch the 'free' O2 SIM and purchase an EE contract when I was happily on Virgin/EE only 6 months ago. 

I am sorry about this Archercj, 

Have you checked the Network coverage? you can do so here

We cannot guarantee coverage over all areas, and can only apologise for the inconvenience that you are having issues at work with this.