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Leaving Virgin Mobile and Complaints and Customer Support options down



My contract ends on the 26th February so I've requested my PAC code which will expire on the 26th Feb, e.g. 30 days notice.


However, I received a message stating that termination costs will apply if I leave today, e.g. 28th Jan.


Therefore if I switch over to a new provider between tomorrow and the 26th Feb I'm all sorted, right?


If I put in a 30 day notice tomorrow, that'll mean I'll enter a new rolling month after my contract officially expires and will get charged that way.


I've called the 0345 number, no success and the Complaints redirect page has permanently moved...great service!


So in short, I want to leave on the 26th February with no hidden costs. Have I approached it correctly?



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Re: Leaving Virgin Mobile and Complaints and Customer Support options down

So the correct way to approach this is to give the PAC code to your new network on the 25th February in order to have the transfer complete on the 26th.

Virgin shouldn't charge you anymore if you do this, I would also say they wouldn't charge any less if you used it now.

The reason your are being told there could be early termination fee's is because your still under term and PAC transfers can complete in as little as a day.

If I've helped please let me know 🙂 Matt

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