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Junk Upgrade Options

I am on a month to month mobile contract with Virgin after finishing my contract period, and was looking at my upgrade options, and it looks like everything I can select from the management portal is junk compared to the SIM only offers on the main site.

For example, my upgrade option is 5000 minutes and 15GB for £18.27/month, but the offer on the pay monthly sim page is unlimited minutes and 20GB for £11/month. 

The deals are not even close, I have no problem starting a monthly 12/24 month contract, but I don't have the option for that, and there is no 'chat' option on my upgrade page to talk to anyone, I need to come here and start a community discussion.

At this point I think the easiest option is just moving to a new network, as Virgin doesn't seem interested in keeping me as a customer.

And Yes, I tried the SMS help messaging, and I think I could order new sims from a different operator and get them delivered quicker than the super slow bot could get me an answer.

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Re: Junk Upgrade Options

Hi there @M84D,

welcome to our forum and thanks for your post.

Sorry to see that you are unhappy with the upgrade offers you have seen on the website. Unfortunately we are unable to process any upgrades via the forums so if you have tried our messaging service already the next quickest way to have the team look at any available offers is by calling them.

All contact methods for the team can be found here



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