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It’s should NEVER has failed at all, should’ve been FIXED up!


i am rather very angry the way your company had NOT fitted the issue for sending in sms text to landline phone number that I have a perfect Rights that it’s should have been put right by now because I am still sending sms text to landline phone as there shouldn’t be any ERROR message of sending in sms text to any landline phone number,which it’s should have been sorted out by now as it’s the law on the disabled regulation act. When is they going to fit that fault ASAP please? My message as it should have been successfully delivered without any error message in the first place. Could I have them put right ASAP please without delay until this Wednesday 19th December without any delay please? If not done I contact ico if not done by that date stated here.

do please pass it on to Tom mockridge because there a fault on the system.



This SHOULD have been DELIVERED without this RED ERROR message, but there a fault at your system is the reason.

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