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Issues receiving OTP text messages


Hi All, 

We are aware that some customers may be experiencing issues receiving OTP text messages.

Our support team are investigating this issue and we will update this thread with any progress. 


Mod Team

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It would be a shame for you to leave us @HDVM

If you have already raised a complaint with us, all issues and impacts will be taken into consideration to ensure a fair outcome is reached.


Forum Team

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So after over 2 months there is still no help, solution or contact about this issue.  I've raised an official complaint which is ignored, i've spoken to multiple customer service reps, none of whom are able to help, advise or fix this problem.  It's insanity to think this will go away on it's own.  How can Virgin Mobile be so bad and so unbothered by this.  I've just had enough now.  Time to contact Ofcom and see what they have to say about the treatment i've recieved.  What a joke.

This has been going on for  TWO YEARS, and STILL VM pretend there is nothing wrong. 

They just don't care, and either hope that those with problems will either stop complaining when nothing gets done, or that when VM finally moves over from Vodafone to O2 it will magically disappear, and all will be well again.

Gutless, Spineless, and totally lacking in any sort of MORALITY, VM are only interested in PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT.

Which is why I moved to '3', where at least they show an interest, and make a concerted effort to make sure customers are at least happy, not just 'dumped' and ignored..

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @phillstevens,

I am so sorry for the frustration this issue is causing and that your have not received contact regarding a solution to obtaining OTP's on your mobile.

I can see a mobile fault form has been raised however we have not received a response yet, I shall chase this up for you now. 

Apologies for the inconvenience,


I didn't get any contact or resolution just false promises and delaying tactics I dumped VM for Talkmobile a week or so ago and my issues were sorted instantly.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)


I'm so sorry to hear you've left us and for the frustration caused by the on going OTP issue. I would like to apologise that you did not receive a resolution to the problem before leaving us, I understand that is not ideal at all. All the best with your new provider.

Kind regards,


I've been experiencing this issue for just over a week.  I moved my account to VM from EE and on the whole the move has been trouble free.  I've successfully received OTPs for several providers but not from NatWest.  I've tried re entering my number with NatWest and having spoken with their support team they can categorically say that their system is trying to send med the OTP but it is never received.

This sounds like a fundamental issue between the OTP interface NatWest use with VM and, further to the request for updates made above (this particular thread has been running since October 2021, it would be useful for us to know EXACTLY what VM are doing to address this issue, either with NatWest or with the vendor of the OTP software that NatWest are using and what the expected time to fix will be.

You need to do something to earn trust back with what looks like a large number of disenfranchised customers. Wishing someone "all the best with your new service provider" isn't what we want from VM. We want a system that works.  In this modern world, OTP is a necessity so you need to get it fixed quickly.

Hello nleaney, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear you are having some issues with OTP.

Is it just Natwest you are having this issues with?

Have you checked with EE to see what is happening with them since this has happened since you left us? 

We were aware with some OPT issues but these has been resolved since April 2021. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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Thanks for your reply Matthew,

It appears to be just NatWest for me at the moment.  I successfully received OTPs from other services such as the NHS, PayPal and Microsoft.  I've spoken with NatWest and they have a record of my repeated attempts to request an OTP and their responses sent which have never been received.

What would I say to EE? They provided the PAC code as requested which I used and now, as far as they are concerned I appear to have transitioned to Virgin Media and my EE account is closed.  If Virgin Mobile have experienced an issue in completing the transfer then I would expect Virgin Mobile to have the evidence to back up that claim and take it up with EE directly. I do not expect as a customer to do this for you.

If there's something specific you require me to take up with EE then please let me know exactly what that is. I will not simply be pushed from vendor to vendor.

As for your comment "We were aware with some OPT issues but these has been resolved since April 2021", you only have to look at the thread to see the number of messages dated 2022 to see that THIS IS NOT RESOLVED for many people on this forum.

I hope that you can put me in contact with someone that can sort this out for me.



Thank you for your response @nleaney.

In this case, have you tried resetting your network settings as seen here ? Also, did NatWest provide an alternative resolution to this issue? 



Forum Team

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