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Issues receiving OTP text messages


Hi All, 

We are aware that some customers may be experiencing issues receiving OTP text messages.

Our support team are investigating this issue and we will update this thread with any progress. 


Mod Team

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Also from Nationwide Building Society

Any update on this?

Tuning in

Not just banks, seems like any 2FA. I cannot get one from my password manager. 

No update from VM on this since Monday is poor when it is now Friday. I’m a new customer (started today) and if it isn’t resolved soon will be exercising my 14 day right to cancel. 

Knows their stuff

Have the same problem, have had to go to the 2 banks I use 2FA on accounts, to change the phone number to a non VM number, so I can actually make some payments!! 

Fortunately, I have a 'backup' PAYG phone , with another provider, otherwise, BIG PROBLEMS... But hey, why should VM care?? they get there monthly payment , no matter what..

5 working days, and nothing, no updates, no apologies,  again, just typical VM 'couldn't care less' attitude...🤐

The text support line have been quite helpful but no resolution as yet. I could use my work mobile, but as I can‘t gain access to my account to change the mobile number it isn’t much use. 

Can only hope this gets sorted. Can’t imagine why a 2FA text is any different to receive then any other. Will give it till Friday and if still not sorted will be requesting my PAC code under the cooling off period. 

Thought I’d post this last update in case it helps anyone. 
I got my 2FA working again thanks to the provider of the service. VM had me set up a small spending cap because I was set to £0. I don’t know if that has also helped but I don’t think it had because another test did not arrive. 
Some sms providers can reconfigure the route used to send texts to numbers. In my case I was sent a url to enter my number and they sent up to 7 texts on different channels which then allowed me to set the channel that worked. 
Might be worth asking your banks etc if they can do similar. 

But why should you, or any other user have to jump through all these 'workarounds' just because VM can't be bothered to sort out this problem??

Don't have to do it on my spare phone (which is with '3') just a hassle having to visit a bank branch, explain the problem, do all their security questions etc, just to change the phone number, because VM's doesn't work, so you can actually use the online banking system...


Totally agree, shouldn’t have to. I take it you checked your spend cap?  Am new to VM so wasn’t aware of it but don’t know if it helped. 

I learned something anyway, about SMS channels. Turns out there can be several of them and they sent 1 through 7 and only 1 and 4 didn’t arrive. 

On our wavelength

I have raised this issue twice with VM and have had no reply.  Santander state that this is a known problem for VM customers.  What are VM doing to fix this problem?