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Iphone iOS 13 personal hotspot not working

Since the update to iOS 13 today, my personal hotspot on my Virgin Mobile Iphone 6s has stopped working.

My iphone will be 4G connected, but as soon as I turn the hotspot on and the other phone is connected it jumps to 3G and the other phone is not able to access any website/the internet.

Does anyone else have similar issues with iOS 13 and know a solution? I didn't have this problem with the previous iOS 12.4.1. Is it an iphone or Virgin problem?

I might have to revert back to iOS 12.4.1 if there is no solution to this. 


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Re: Iphone iOS 13 personal hotspot not working

Hi Renburanto,

i have not had that issue yet on my iphone 7 IOS 13 updated yesterday evening and have been using this all day with my other ipad. I did have this issue of yours a while back with 12.4.1 and the steps I took to resolve my issue were.

1. go to settings mobile data

2. switch off your personal hotspot.

3. go back to settings mobile data, scroll down untill you see "wifi assist" ( here i have this switched off al the time )

4. turn on  hotspot again  and this should resolve your issue 

hope this helps 

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