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Intermittent issue receiving calls from non Virgin network after number Port

  • Hi,

Needing some help. Ported number from EE mobile in September 2020 and I have been having intermittent issues with receiving calls from non virgin network numbers. If Friends and family from non virgin numbers try phoning my number the call immediately ends on their phone and I receive no call. If they re-dial 3 or 4 times the call eventually comes through. Calls from Virgin mobile numbers come through no problem. If I turn off WiFi calling and force the handset to 3G then I can receive all calls on first attempt. I have had a replacement sim card and tried it in several handsets Galaxy S20, S21 and Apple and the same issue. 

I have made over 20 phone calls to Virgin Customer Service and Technical team and I have been promised this issue has been escalated and I will receive a phone call back from Managers. I have never received a callback. I then have to chase up again and I find out the fault ticket has been closed and I then have to repeat the whole process again. I have also sent in a written complaint which after 8 weeks I received a letter in the post and advising me that as they have been unable to contact me they have closed the complaint as resolved. 

I find this level of customer service unacceptable and I would transfer my service to a different network but I would incur early termination charges.

Has anyone else had a similar issue after a number port and is there any Virgin Team members on this chat who can help resolve this issue?





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