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Incorrectly "served notice of sums in arrears"

Hi Virgin,

I have been served a very threatening letter, incorrectly stating that I've been "served notice of sums in arrears", even though CEDR ruled that Virgin must cancel my account months ago after my long list of issues went through external arbitration (which Virgin have long missed the CISAS deadline for by the way).

I can confirm I haven't cancelled the direct debit, and also I can see that Virgin have been taking the payments from my account every month, including this month. 
In fact I have been consistently over-paying, because this should have been dealt with and cancelled months ago!

I called the number on the letter and they told me that they don't think this letter is valid anymore because the account is being closed, however I am extremely nervous about being accused of missing payments, and the impact this will have on my credit file.

Is anyone at Virgin able to check and tell me (in writing) that this letter is no longer valid, and that my credit won't be damaged by Virgin's latest mistake?

I am trying to get through on Live Chat, but that took me 31 hours to get an agent last time so I don't hold much hope there.


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Re: Incorrectly "served notice of sums in arrears"

Hi Infernno,


Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and a warm welcome to you, I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your account not being closed when this was taken to CISAS.


So I can help further I will send you an invite into a private chat, please click on the purple envelope to accept





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