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Incoming roaming calls

Joining in

As with many others on here I have real problems receiving calls when roaming. 

this happens with most calls and happens in various countries throughout Europe. It doesn’t matter wether it’s a mobile or landline calling. 

I have tried various solutions posted on here and have a new sim but nothing works!! I have been forced to get a second phone as my work takes me into Europe regularly and my Virgin phone is just unusable!! 

I’ve called Virgin and had absolutely no help at all! 

I want to cancel my contract as I’m paying for a phone which causes me nothing but problems but I’m told that would breach my contract. It seems Virgin are happy to take money for a service they can’t provide!!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forum @Fingersdaily197, and a very warm welcome to you!

Terribly sorry to hear of the issue with receiving calls when roaming in Europe.

Can you please advise me if you've been able to try the Virgin Mobile sim card in your alternative handset to rule out any setting or fault with the handset that may result in calls not coming through to you whilst outside of the UK?

Do you have issues with calls coming through to you when you're within the UK?

In relation to your request to cancel the services, we would have to advise that, like our competitors, we cannot guarantee an service when outside of the UK, largely due to the fact we don't have any jurisdiction over masts that are based outside of the UK.

Kindest regards,


I have tried my sim in another device but it’s exactly the same. I receive calls in the UK without any issues. 

im not sure why in every reply I see to similar posts Virgin Media seems to deny all knowledge of the problem. This seems to me a very very common issue??!

Thanks for coming back to me @Fingersdaily197.

Can you possibly confirm what diagnostics you've attempted on the handset, with the sim card inserted so we can see if we can get to the bottom of the issue.

What handsets have you been attempting to use when roaming in Europe?

If both handsets are iPhones, have you been able to turn off dial assist and then see if this possibly allows calls to then come through? 

Kindest regards,


Joining in

So I’ve tried with Dial Assist off, I’ve selected International in Sim Applications. Tried re starting my phone when changing countries and also selected networks manually. 

phones are IPhone 11 and 12 both running the latest iOS. 

Hi David_Bn

My wife and I had exactly the same problem when in Majorca, I have cut and pasted my replies on 21/5/22 regarding this common problem, hopefully the additional info will help.

My wife and I are in Majorca at the moment and have had problems with calls since we arrived. We joined Virgin Mobile last week and calls were ok in England. I contacted 150 and changed the Sim Application setting to manual and international as requested, it made no difference. If I ring my wife the call connects but neither of us can hear each other, if my wife rings me it’s the same. Both my daughters are with us,my wife and I can ring both daughters ok, one is on O2, the other has been with Virgin Mobile for 4 years. Calls to my son in England ,who is with O2 , are ok but when he calls me neither of us can hear each other. Calls to my neighbour in England, who is with Tesco Mobile, are ok ( also ok to home phone) but when he calls me neither of us can hear each other. All 4 phone are using Movistar, other networks can be found but show no signal so I can’t try a different network. Internet, Whatsapp, texts are ok. With Dial Assist off calls can be made but with the problems detailed above. With Dial Assist on I get a short announcement in French when trying to ring my neighbour or my wife, calls to both daughters and son in England are ok. 789 doesn’t work with or without DA, get the French announcement, 150 works ok with or without DA. Since arrival my contacts have been reformatted from 0123 456789A to 01 234 56 78 9A. Sorry this is so long but hopefully the information may help sort what appears to be a common problem.

I forgot to add that my phone is a iPhone 7, my wife’s an iPhone 8, daughter with O2 an iPhone 13, daughter with Virgin Mobile an iPhone 12, son in England an iPhone 13. All have latest software.

Hi Chris, roaming is switched on, wi-fi calling is not, it wasn’t necessary on previous holidays in Spain when we were with Plusnet, everything just worked without this hassle. A network search showed Vodafone ES, Orange SP and Yoigo as well as Movistar. Attempts to connect to Vodafone and Orange failed due to No Service, Yoigo connection was poor and intermittent , all calls failed “ sorry the number you have dialled does not exist”. As it is Midnight in England I can’t try family and neighbours but used 789, 150 , my home phone and my wife. The Yoigo connection is showing 3G and is being used to post this reply. Data have not been a problem, just no speech on calls.

Thanks Ryan, we both have the same phones as last time we were here, calls were ok with the Plusnet sims and I’m sure the the network was Movistar. The contacts numbers weren’t reformatted on our previous holiday, may be relevant , may not be.

No problems with hearing on calls now we are back in England. The problem with contact numbers being reformatted appears to have been caused by changing the language setting in Settings/General from English Uk to English Us and then back again to English Uk at the request of the first 150 agent. Making these changes again ( in England) and restarting the phones restored the expected normal format. I checked my daughter's phone ( with Virgin), the Sim application roaming settings were "automatic" and "English" and her phone worked fine without having to change them.

Thanks👍 This does seem to be a very common issue!

Thanks for the information @Smoggy239, can you please confirm if you've been able to re-format the phone numbers on the handset @Fingersdaily197, and confirm if this has produced a successful result?

Kindest regards,


Yes, we managed to restore the usual contact number format when back in The UK, there's a reference to what seemed to be the cause and the cure in the last paragraph.

Not sure what that means tbh. Could you explain how I go about doing it?