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I want to transfer my SIMS to Family Plan

I have 3 mobile phone accounts and a broadband/tv/phone account. I want to move the mobile phones to my media account as Oomph SIM cards and retain numbers. So we can use the family account. The mobiles are in my name and the broadband in my husbands, same address etc. I have been calling virgin for about 2 months now and NOBODY has a clue what to do.

My mother recently moved to a new Oomph plan and was told they would call back to make sure SIM card was on new plan, the mobile shows it is not and again we have called many times and nobody yet has sorted it out.

Is there anybody who knows what they are doing?

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Re: I want to transfer my SIMS to Family Plan

Hi tonypreece1967


Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting. 


I am sorry to hear you have not been able to get help with your query. 


With the mobile accounts, they would need to be in the same name as the cables services in order to do this. 


This would mean completing a transfer of responsibility for the mobile account which is something we would be happy to do but would mean a credit check would be required for the new account holder.


Was your Mothers plan moving over to an account in her name?


Let us know and we will be happy to assist. 





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