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I've been conned

After being harrassed into upgrading my phone - and turning down the offer after insisting that I retain the same service and the same phone at the same cost - I've found out that Virgin is charging me £18 per month instead of £12 per month. This is not the same as I was paying before. I have NOT had an upgrade. I did not ask to have my tarrif upgraded - I make about a dozen calls a month and even less texts so I'll be honest, I don't even look at that **bleep**. I took the guy on the phone's word and he [Removed] effectively stole my [Removed] money. I've now got to wait til June to cancel Virgin Mobile and get a phone from a reputable company. I've been querying the extra charge for a while, but guess what? 2 of my calls in a row got disconnected. Crooks, plain and simple, as cynical as they come - I think they push their sales team too hard, which leads to them telling outright lies to keep customers connected to them.


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