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How to receive cashback after purchase iPhone and trade in old mobile

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I purchased iPhone 13 with your mobile package on 14th July, according to your advertisement, if I traded in my old phone, I can get 180 pounds cashback. Your customer service told me that I can trade in after I placed my order, therefore I had traded in my old phone after placing the order, you also confirmed that you had received the phone on 26th July, but so far I still haven’t received cashback. I had made a numerous calls to ask about this, however your customer service don’t know the exact process or how cashback work, they just say I only need to wait till I receive the cashback. But yesterday I received an email with 180 pounds voucher code and asked me to trade in again. I have done the trade in already, why do you ask me to do it again? It’s a good incentive, but your process only tell you how to trade in, NOT how to get cashback after trade in.  Can you please let me know How I can get the cashback?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Van2021,

Welcome back to our community forums and sorry to hear you are having issues with our mobile trade-in. We can understand the frustration caused and we want to best help. Just to confirm did you trade in as seen here If so, have you been in contact with the team on 0800 052 2105 who can best assist with this? 


Forum Team

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Yes, I traded in using the same link. I called the customer service to ask for help, but then your customer service gave me the number to call Likewise, so I phoned Likewise, and then they said, this is the promotion offered by Virgin Mobile, I should contact Virgin Mobile, so I have to call Virgin Mobile again who then sent me the trade in link as you did. None of the action helps to answer my question, and none of your customer service knows you should trade-in after receiving the promotional voucher code. On the phone for more than an hour but nothing get resolved. 

Hi @Van2021


Thanks for the reply!


I can see you've spoken to someone today who has raised this to be investigated and clarified, once the team have done this they'll be back in touch so we can have your trade up sorted with you.


My apologies and thank you for your patience!



Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

I’m in the exact same position. There was no information on how to claim the additional £180 cash back on receipt of my new phone. The chat bot connected me to an adviser via WhatsApp who said “Awesome! Once you are done trading in your old phone you can wait for the unique promotional code that we'll send to you via SMS 21 days after the delivery of your new handset.” I duly traded in my own phone but have not received a code via sms. I have received an email with a code to use when I trade in my phone - but I’ve already traded it in!! What do I do now?


Thanks for the post Mollytoff,

Welcome to the community!

Apologies for the experience faced with this, to clarify have you received confirmation of the phone being traded, also when did you do so?

Let us know,


Thanks for your reply. I received the trade value of my phone on 17th August into my bank account.  I’ve not received any information about the £180 cash back other than via an email on 24th August inviting me to trade my old phone in, which I’d already done as advertised by an advisor through WhatsApp.


Hi Mollytoff,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry to hear you haven't had anything with regards to this, 

To confirm, have you checked your spam inbox on your email address?


Yes, I have the email with a code, with instructions on how to trade in my phone.  However I’ve already traded it in, as advised, so how do I use the code in this circumstance?

So since you have sent the handset in, you haven't received any correspondence regarding this?