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How long to wait for Back Office Team to make contact?

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On the 31st May this year my VM numbers were fraudulently ported to Vodaphone (now called SIM Theft) This caused serious repercussions as my number was used to apply for a loan. After many conversations with VMobile my numbers were reinstated on the 15th June. I have made a formal complaint using the web complaint form regarding the sim theft. The first response letter from VM  among other text was "Your complaint was: Mobile -> Privacy and Security -> Fraud." Here is what we have offered as a resolution: Customer Experience -> Time to answer call or respond to enquiry -> Internal feedback provided."  Does anyone know what this means? How does the resolution provided relate to my complaint of fraud? I am told that the only people that can respond to my complaint is the Back Office Team, who will contact me. Without a telephone number for this team I will have to answer every call to my mobile phone. I make a point of not answering calls from numbers I don't recognise, so not ideal. Is there anyone out there who has had a similar experience could let me know if they ever got a call from the Back Office Team, whoever they are. Thanks


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello jwhite52


Apologies for the number porting issues and the problems faced getting a resolution for your complaint, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums.


As you have advised this was a fraudulent port, this will have been raised to our Fraud Team to look into what has happened, they wouldn't contact you in regards to he complaint but may in regards to the actual number port if needed. The complaint will be with our complaints team who will be awaiting and update or the outcome of the Fraud teams investigation before offering a resolution to this.


The fraud checks can take up to 10 working days and complaints can take up to 28 days as agreed with our regulators but is usually much quicker than this. 



Thank you Rob for your reply. According to the letters I received regarding my complaint about the fraud, the complaints team wrote that they "request me to contact the concerned team so that they can follow up on the issue as we do not have an option to resolve the issue through this platform from our end". When I telephoned the number given I was told that the concerned team was "the back office team". The agent could not give me a number for this team as they will contact me. So why was I told to contact this team for help with the issue if I don't have a number? I question if there is such a team. My first complaint was lodged on the 20th June so I should receive a response from a team in the next few days.

Thanks for your reply, sorry to say that you've not had the complaint dealt with in the way we'd expect.

I'll be happy to check this for you so I'll send you a PM to confirm your details so this can be done.



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