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How do you get some customer service??

Joining in

I have an ongoing complaint with Virgin about roaming calls. They sent me a new SIM card and now I get no mobile signal at all at home in the UK. Every time I contact customer service they hang up on me!!!!

How do I get some action?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Roy5719,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


Sorry to hear about the issues you've been having with your SIM. Have you been a customer of ours for some time or are you new to the network? Is it just calls that is affected, how about texts and data etc? 




Been with Virgin for just over a year. Had no issues ( even got my wife onto your network!!!) Until trip to Spain in June. Data worked, dialling out worked but dialled in calls wouldn't connect ( for both of us). Customer service just not interested at all - lame excuse after lame excuse. Came home and had problems with everything - calls, data, sms. Then discovered you'd moved to O3 - we don't get a signal on any network except Vodafone where we live which is why we used you. Customer service again "you need a new SIM" - received it there days later installed it and - NOTHING. I now have a phone I can't use at all at home, my mother is in hospital and I can't get calls and you simply Don't give a damn!!!

We do care, I assure you of that. 


I apologise again for the experience you've had - not what we like to hear at all. I can appreciate that you need to be with a supplier that can provide you with your service. Are you on a SIM only plan at the moment? You would be able to request your PAC code to move to a supplier which works in your area. Let me know.




We're both on SIM only two year contracts. I would need to find an alternative supplier. If you are saying that I (we) can move without penalty then I can start looking.

Following my recent experience, if this is the option you are offering me then could you write to me explicitly stating that no penalty would be charged. I can let you have my wife's details as well.



I will send you over a private message to confirm some details 🙂