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How do I remove one phone from my account so it is paid separately?

My daughter's Virgin pay-monthly phone has been part of my own accounts since we set it up for her when she was a minor. Now that she is over 18, we need to alter it so she has her own direct debit to pay the monthly fee, but I can't see how to separate her phone number from being linked to my account. Any suggestions?

Oh, and a trivial question, but how do we indicate on the account page that her phone model has changed (she has a Galaxy S8, purchased outright as SIM-free, but the Virgin page still shows her very old Blackberry)


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Re: How do I remove one phone from my account so it is paid separately?

Second question first. The online accounts page always currently show the last handset bought from Virgin Media. There is no way to update to a third party device.

However when you report a device lost or stolen when it has a Virgin Media SIM in it, then you'll always be asked to confirm the IMEI for the device to ensure the right one is blacklisted.

In regards to the first question, I believe you will have two options. You can either split a number to another Direct Debit and keep it in your name. Or there are ways of transferring a number to another name - although that's a little more complicated and requires another credit check as all Mobile accounts are individual.
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