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Horrific service from Virgin Media !!!

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To whom is May concern. 

I’ve been back and forth between customer services and sales ect to try and sort out my avalanche of a mess created by virgin media. 

I preordered the IPhone 14 pro max 256gb for it to arrive on Friday the 16 of September. All the documents were signed , all the verification checks done and direct debts in order. And because I was coming over from a different service provider , I thought let me keep my same number , but move it over to virgin media. And that’s exactly what I did. The change over was to happen on Friday so as I received my new phone , I could activate my sim on their servers and give it enough time to sort everything out.

Comes the morning of the 16th , the phone is out for delivery with yodel . Roughly about 10 stops before my house , I received a notification saying that the item has been returned to sender and is not being completed anymore. In complete shock , I phoned customer service , for them to sound dazed over the phone to what had happened.

To my amazement, I got told that someone decided to do a last minute verification call to my number (which my old provider switched over to virgin media and was meant to arrive with the new phone)  right before the phone got delivered. And because no one answered , they put a stop on it and thought it was fraud ?!? 

It does not take a rocket scientist to put 2 & 2 together, especially when you have full access to the account infront of you. How was I meant to answer the call when I was waiting for my new phone and sim to arrive ??? To then be told we’ll have to cancel the order and rebook an order , which I was told was going to arrive the following Tuesday by the salesman. To his Surprise that once he had completed the application AGAIN , the phone can only be delivered at the end of the month ?!? So now I’m stuck with one pending order for the end of the month & one canceled one ? Couldn’t they have just done the verification via email or once I’ve received the phone ?? The phone was sitting at the delivery company’s depot, all it needed was the green light to go ahead with the order again ?? 

what was the point then of preordering it and going through everything just for it to arrive so many weeks later ?? 

So now myself as a customer, am stuck without a new phone , without a new sim and no signal to contact anyone Incase of an emergency and no real explanation to what has happened as every time I call in , it seems that everyone keeps on passing the blame to one another. Is that really a reflection of the true great service virgin media is providing ?!? 

I am absolutely appalled and nauseated by this. Especially being a new customer, how can I feel confident trying to convince others to join virgin media ??? 


Please could an intelligent individual with the correct resources contact me and sort this matter out. 

Honestly , the worse service I’ve ever received by a mobile company who I want to have a contract with and buy their products. 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Bfernandes, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


I am really sorry to hear of the experience you've had when taking an order out. I appreciate that this must be frustrating - if the back office team that deals with the recall of handsets puts the request in to do so, that can be done at any time before delivery. 


As much as we would love to put things right for you over here - unfortunately it's not possible to make the above happen sooner than already set. I have checked our systems and can see that there is the order you have mentioned. A new line wouldn't be able to be added to recover the number until the order for the end of the month has completed. I can see that you've spoken to the team and they have advised the same. We're not able to process/complete the order without the stock. 


I can't answer why things have happened the way they have and I honestly can only apologise at this moment in time.