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High mobile data usage while I'm asleep!

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This morning I awoke to find 3 text messages saying first that I'd used 75% of my data at around 3:45am, then I'd used it all by 3:50, and a further one about out of package charges. Considering I was asleep, how the hell was 2.5gb of data used without my knowledge in such a short space of time? I have a 2gb package and never go over. If I go nearly over its usually work video calls.

I rung Virgin helpline to be told 'it might be an update', 'it'll be clarified in your next bill', 'you should turn off your mobile data if you're not using your phone'. This is useless. Do you turn off your mobile data each night? I know of no update that has ever run up that kind of bill. My phone suggests that Firefox has used the most data, but how, what for I don't know.

Any ideas what on earth could have happened? I don't see having the risk of bills being run up for me as acceptable.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

At that size almost certain that it's updates on your phone. These do tend to happen overnight.

Depending on your phone you should be able to set updates to only happen over WiFi 

Check if you have had a system update 

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