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Have you guys tested your own new customer experience?

The Oomph 4G sim card arrived today.  Dropped it into my phone, and it's asking for a PIN.  Where is it? It's not printed on the letter.  Why would you send out a product that needs a PIN but neglect to mention this pretty critical piece of information.  So I googled it (it goes without saying that you've royally screwed up if a customer has to Google something like this) and apparently it's a generic PIN, not private, so why isn't this printed on the paperwork I got with the sim? Poor.

So I try the generic PIN (7890) that I had to Google to get, and obviously it doesn't work.  Now it's asking for a damn PUK... where's the PUK?? Again, I have to Google this.  And apparently I have to log in to my Virgin Mobile account to get the PUK.  But, I don't have a Virgin Mobile account because I've just received the sim, fair enough, I'll go make one.

So I try to register a new Mobile account, but to make a new account it's asking me to verify my mothers maiden name...!!! How can I verify my mothers maiden name, I haven't given it to you yet!! My mothers maiden name is what it is, I enter that, and obviously it's not accepted because you haven't been given it yet, so it's expecting a different answer to the actual answer... where... what... seriously?? What is going on here?

So in order to use this sim I need to get the PIN, but first I need the PUK, I can't get the PUK unless I make an account but I can't make an account because you're asking for my mothers maiden name which I haven't given you yet but you seem to think you already know it!? So I can't use this service now unless I call you, last time I did that I was on hold for 30 minutes and the call itself was not a pleasant experience.

This doesn't need to be this difficult, it's 2019.

I'll just be binning the sim.

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