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Have I moved over to o2 coverage?

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Hi all,

I'm wondering if my coverage is now being provided by o2 in my area or if its still Vodafone? I've been told its switched to o2 now but yet when i do speed tests it still says Vodafone?

just curious! thanks all


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Hi @djr_uk 


Thanks for your response


Great to hear this is all cleared up for you now, be sure to contact us if you do ever require any further assistance



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Very Insightful Person

They say everyone was changed over by the end of last year. 

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @djr_uk, and welcome back to our Community Forums!

All Virgin Mobile customers should now have sim cards that are supported by O2 - with some customers issued new sim cards.

Can you please confirm when you were last issued a new sim card?

What happens when you perform a manual network search on your device when you disconnect from Virgin Mobile and then re-connect to Virgin Mobile?

Kindest regards,


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Vodafone operate some speedtest servers so that may be what you're seeing.

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Hi djr_uk,

If you have an iPhone there is a code , *3001#12345#* , which if you enter via the phone key pad and tap send gives access to hidden information. In my case ( iPhone 7 ) I get a screen showing " Dashboard" above a Home symbol, tap the symbol on the right hand side ( 3 lines + dots ) and you should get "All Metrics", tap " Virgin" then "RAT" (serving cell info). The top line "PLMN" identifies the carrier, in my case 234 10 ( on Sim issued in July when I joined Virgin ), 2 is Europe, 34 is UK and 10 means O2, EE would be 30 or 33, Vodafone  15 and Three would be 20. Hopefully this will be helpful to customers who are unsure as to whether they have been transferred to O2 or not. 



August 2021 was when I joined virgin mobile ironically from o2

Hi @djr_uk,

Sorry for any confusion here. As I can see has been mentioned earlier in this thread, all Virgin Mobile customers will now have been moved over to have their services provided from the O2 network and local masts.


Zach - Forum Team
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hi dave thanks for this. yep mine is 234 10.

will it stop saying virgin mobile at one point and say o2 in the top left? 

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Only when you're moved over to an O2 plan later this year. For now you're still on Virgin Mobile but the underlying network is O2. 

Brilliant that clears it all up! 

thanks all!