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Google Play Store: Waiting for download...

I signed up for a new data plan (with a new Samsung S20+) a little over a month ago and I can't seem to download anything off the Google Play Store.  It just spins forever with the message "Waiting for download..."

I called support and they recommended that I reboot the phone, which I tried with no success.

It does seem to be specific to Play Store because I do have some connectivity to Facebook, Messenger, Chrome, etc.

What else could I try?

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Re: Google Play Store: Waiting for download...


I had the same issue with my new phone. When logging into my Google account to transfer everything over, it asked if I wanted to download the Google recommended apps - I said no and this seemed to cause the issue - Google must not have liked my answer LOL

I did a factory reset of my phone and went through the set up again, this time saying OK and everything then worked perfectly - it didn't even load the apps in question - of course they can be deleted if not required

I hope this helps

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