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Goodbye Virgin Media. 4 weeks in and I've left to go elsewhere lol

Joining in

So with constant issues with Wifi calling working and not working and no-one who can sort it I've got my PAC and ordered a SIM from another network.

I'm sure no-one is really interested but just may help someone who relies on Wifi calling. If it doens't work, no-one can help.


Tuning in

I have the same issue - it worked for a while, then they made me swap my sim and it stopped working.  I then got it working on and off.  Today I had a long awaited phone call from my Dr that was booked weeks ago and half way through it the wifi calling dropped the call.  I have had enough, I will be moving to another network.

Hi vickieingle,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your WiFi calling features, have you reported these issues to the team at all? 

Are you experiencing any other faults with the WiFi calling service? We do have some helpful pages on this, that can be found here.

Kind Regards,


I’m sorry to hear that. It’s so frustrating isn’t it. I was waiting for an important call only to be told my phone was off. I’ve talked and chatted to Virgin and all they say is it’s fine from their side. I’ve never had a problem with Wi-Fi calling ever and I’ve got zero confidence in Virgin. Good luck!

Fibre optic

I had this problem with BT Mobile in the past and like with your experience nobody knew what to do until I spoke to a manager at BT on a personal level nothing to do with my account and he told me to check and do a software update and it did solve the problem. Can I ask the WiFi you are using, is it a Virgin Media Broadband hub?? And if it is, does your connection show the WiFi connection as Virgin Media or the name of your router and ID? When it shows Virgin Media that’s a public access channel (Like BT, Virgin Media allow other customers to use your connection on a separate channel like a public WiFi hotspot and sometimes your device connects to it in this way, now what I’ve noticed is that in the past using WiFi calling on this channel is terrible, so please check that your not using the public access.