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Found phone after reporting lost, SIM still blocked

Reported my phone lost on 14th april about 10 am.   Had it returned to me later that day and contacted Virgin by text.  Went through all the security and they told me the SIM had been unblocked.

15th April I get two emails from Virgin - one saying they are blocking SIM from 9.00 am 15th april, and the other saying they are sending new SIM.  I ignored both as my phone was still working.

17th April 9.00 am I discover my phone is on Emergency Calls Only.  No service outages so assume my SIM has been blocked.  Cant use the text number or phone number to call and "unblock", and the only option seems to be paying through the nose for a landline call (14.5p a minute from my home landline).   

Is there any other way to deal with this and get this SIM unblocked?   Won't give me the online chat option and I can't find an email address  for Virgin (Note that they never sent me a replacement SIM so I can't even try that).

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