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Fobbed off and lied to by customer services

Worst customer service iv ever experienced.  I have been lied to numerous times by these people. I have been lead on a wild goose chase and 2 days later I am still no further. Going round in circles time and time again and spent so many hours on the phone to different people here. 

After completing a credit check with virgin for a new handset, I was declined. My credit rating is excellent so I was extremely confused but I called experian to ask why I was declined. They told me that there has never been a credit search done by virgin!! I called virgin again to ask what is going on, to be told we didnt want to ruin your score so we didnt check! What the hell. I was put through to customer service and was told that it's not experian who make the decisions it's my bank! I called my bank and they laughed at my suggestion that they are blocking my getting a new handset. I called virgin and asked why they are telling lies and not being transparent, I was told they were scared I would get angry and aggressive.... if I wasnt angry before I am now

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Re: Fobbed off and lied to by customer services

Good credit but refused wilĺ be down to an initial assessment by their underwriters. This is not an uncommon experience.

Best answer, go elsewhere 

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