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Fee Applied when cancelled within 14 days

Hi There

1st post so apologies if it is in the wrong place

I cancelled my virgin mobile contract yesterday due to the signal being quite poor at my work (6 days after starting it). I tried to do this over webchat but it was very slow to reply so I ended up ringing the helpline. I eventually got through to an operator who cancelled the contract for me and advised about the final fee for cancelling the contract. I told them that I was within my 14 day period and they reassessed and advised the fee had now been removed.

I then received an email a few minutes later advising me that the final fee of £67.24 was still due to be paid and hadn't been removed (this is confirmed when logging into my account).

I'm hoping to get this resolved before the maney being taken from my account and having to go down the route of claiming it back if anyone is able to help please.

Many thanks


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