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Faulty service

I use a Samsung A52s mobile phone, after more years than i can remember my phone started faults on calls about Oct 2022 . No set pattern, very intermittent when i called the receiver is unable to hear me & when i received a call i am unable to hear the caller, sometimes, both ways, bits of broken speech can be heard before shutting off. Twice i sent back for repair or exchange my phone & twice it came back saying all is working perfectly In Dec 2022 i spoke to virgin about problem they sent me s new sim card which was put to use immediately... no difference.. back again to phone supplier back again to me saying all working as it should... latest example yesterday used my mobile on call to South Africa, spoke for 35mins 59 secs & not a single problem of any kind, tried same number later same phone same seat position as previous & had a few minutes of garbled i cant hear you until phone off... this am made 2 calls to my doc & couldn't be heard on both, used my wife's phone with same Virgin contract as me... couldn't be heard.... its driving me nuts... any help please... 🙏 

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Re: Faulty service

Hello alexel1


We're sorry to hear of the mobile call issues you're experiencing. We appreciate the frustration this can cause and you raising it via the forums. Welcome to the community.


From what you have advised this could be down to a number of reasons, it could be the person your calling's connection, coverage in the location you are or even an intermittent issue with the handset due to age.


The first two you have no control over, the international call you made that you had problems with the second time could be down to the network in South Africa. Similarly it could be due to issues with the connection in your area, congestion, geographical layout of the area or even a fault with a local mast. These can be checked here.


If the issue is just down to the age of the handset, and as you have said it has been sent in and returned as working you could ask for a second opinion from the manufacturer. If it is is over two years old it is likely out of warranty now anyway as these tend to be 24 months or 12 months on Apple devices.