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FORUM STAFF I need your help

I have now reached breaking point with your company.

I placed an order in November, spent weeks trying to cancel it (14 calls totalling 3 and a half hours). Was assured the order was cancelled only for the phone to be sent to me.

On the advice of VM on Twitter and the “advisors” over the phone I refused delivery two weeks ago.

I have today received a voicemail from VM checking I have received my order and asking me to call on the normal number to speak to someone.

I have tried again this evening and been lied to as per the previous 14 calls, hung up on and refused an escalation. The only way I can see this being sorted is if I go to a Virgin Media store and refuse to leave until someone sorts this.

Please PM me to get some details to get this sorted once and for all... I do not want this phone and have refused delivery! The phone should be back with VM and the entire thing cancelling. How hard is that to sort out????
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Forum Team (Retired) Terri_P
Forum Team (Retired)
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Re: FORUM STAFF I need your help

Hi jpk1982,

Thanks for getting in touch via the Community Forum. I'm sorry that you are having a problem confirming that your order has been cancelled and the returned handset received by us. Apologies as well for the time it's taken to respond to your post. 
Has this issue been resolved for you since your post?

If you are still having an issue with this, please send me a private message by clicking this link: PM me here and provide the following details:

  • Full name on the account
  • Mobile number


* For other forum users reading this, please only PM me if I have asked you to first.


Kind Regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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