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Existing Sim Only Customer wants to switch to better deal

Joining in


As the title says :

I have existing Virgin Sim Only deals that are now available with  Virgin  cheaper and with more data.

They don't make it simple  or straight forward to change to save money, unless I'm missing something.

Can someone point me in the right direction or give info to make it easy to change?

ie I am on plan A for £ but I can get more data on plan B for a cheaper £


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi HateCBN,

Thanks for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, when upgrading or changing the package on a Sim only deal you have to change within the same band package, you can speak to our Customer Relations on 789 from your handset if out of contract and wish to discuss your options.



Can I not just do it online rather than speaking to someone?

Unfortunately we cannot handle package changes via the forums @HateCBN but you can use our WhatsApp service on 07305 327 112 if you would prefer.


Thank you.

Am I able to get my PAC code

then buy a better deal sim only

and keep my number?

would that work?

basically using my PAC code to transfer my number onto a better virgin sim only deal?

You can transfer a PAC code across but the SIM would need to stay active with the number on in order for the transfer to work.


You can find more information on how to do this online here.


Thanks again.

Right. So…

I get my virgin pac code.

order new virgin better deal virgin sim.

tell virgin my pac code and new sim number. 
wait for old sim to stop then change sims over. Correct?

Sorry for my confusion here @HateCBN but we cannot perform internal ports. 


You would need to port to another provider and port back. 


You would be better calling or using the WhatsApp service to see what our teams can offer you. 


Thank you.

Or just take my 3 virgin sims for family members to a better deal with a different provider and leave them there as I did with my own sim

Of course if you want to move providers we do understand but if you give the teams a call or a message they will do all they can to find the best deal available to you. 


Thank you.