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Joining in


My SIM port is broken so will not work with a physical SIM card. I would therefore like to order an E-Sim. Is this available (seems to be conflicting info) and if so, how do I get one?

I tried to log into my account to see if possible from there, but I need a password reset and I obviously have no phone reception to do the verification...




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey davidcbeaumont, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear about your sim tray card being broken.

At the moment we aren't offering Esim cards out, however since you tray is broken you are going to need one.

I would give the sales team a call on 0800 052 0238, they are open until 9PM tonight. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hi Matt,

Thanks. Unfortunately I've been a bit around the houses on this!

I rang the help number, and they said the only way to switch to an E-Sim was to upgrade to a new package. I then spoke to Sales team and they said they have no ability to swap sims and I need to request a SIM swap online. However, I can't get online because I can't reset my password, because I have no working SIM!

It seems there's a bit on conflicting info between different departments? If I log in to my account can I request a swap or not? If so, is there any way to reset my password without a phone?

If I can't get an E-Sim, even with an upgrade, I'm afraid I'm going to have to switch networks as I don't want to replace or repair my phone right now.




Hello David

Sorry for the confusion. I've had this checked here and we cannot go from a physical SIM to an E-sim. I am sorry for that.

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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