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Double Payment taken from bank

Due to recently moving into a new area, I wanted to upgrade my phone contract to a £20pm deal, compared to the current £7pm that I am currently on. Due to having no internet at my new flat, I was reliant on using my data sparingly. I went over on my limit and thought I had purchased a £10 1GB top up, and then £20 3GB top up when the first ran out, of which I added this limit on my phone cap.

Unknowing to me, this latter purchase did not go through, and I accumulated an extra £71 due to the outrageous £3/GB/day charge.

On the 12th August, I received a text message saying that my latest bill couldn't be processed. I logged on to my Virgin Mobile account and paid the £88 bill directly. Earlier today I logged in to my bank and found the direct debit had gone through, as well as the £88 bill, and added as credit to my virgin media account.

As a student who has just moved into a new flat, I am severely low on money. This extra £88 is something that I can't afford to be without, as this cuts into my budget for the next 5 weeks.

If I can't get a refund on any of this outrageous cost that accumulated, then I need this extra £88 back in my bank account as soon as possible.

I have tried contacting via phone, however I must say that the customer service currently seems awful, and I am highly considering changing my provider as soon as my contract ends.

I hope you can help solve this issue.

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Re: Double Payment taken from bank

Hi Npford99, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to our community. 

Very sorry to hear that there's been some issues with your mobile bill and usage, this isn't good. 

We wouldn't usually put money on to your Virgin Media bill unless this will agreed with you and there was a reason why, so we'll need to take a closer look and see what's going on. 

So I can do this I'll pop you a personal message and grab some details. 

I look forward to hearing back from you soon

Emma_C - Forum Team
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