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Disable Advanced Network Error Searc

I would like to disable "Advanced Network Error Search" on my Pay Monthly Virgin Mobile connection. How can I do this?

When I do a DNS lookup for an invalid domain (e.g. using my Virgin Mobile device, I should get back no result. Instead I get back the IP address, a Virgin server. This is because Virgin Mobile's DNS servers are configured with top-level wildcard DNS pointing to that IP (some of us are old enough to remember when Verisign tried to pull this same scummy trick back in 2003, before the Internet went nuts and slated them for it).

A web server at that address advises that this is Virgin's "Advanced Network Error Search" service, and provides a link to, where it can allegedly be disabled. However, that page only applies to disabling "Advanced Network Error Search" on Virgin Broadband connections (I'm on a Virgin Mobile connection).

How can I get this "service" disabled on my Virgin Mobile account?

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Re: Disable Advanced Network Error Searc

I checked, and you're right. With vm broadband you can switch off the "optional" advance search page. 

I have vm broadband and switched it off. Then get the server ip address not found if on WiFi.

But if I go back to mobile data I get the advance search page back. 

I have a suspicion that mobile defaults to this behaviour. Hopefully a mod will be along to get a proper technical answer for you. 

Thanks for sending me back to my UNIX admin days mentioning dns with its reverse lookups, etc. 

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