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Data Usage

I am pay monthly with no data contract and only use the internet on my phone using wifi. I have done this for years. I have a new motorola mobile and have set data roaming to off and mobile data to off but have incurred the £3 daily charge when I have been out of the home (which never used to happen). I have not used the net whilst out so what is using data ? my apps are set to autoupdate over wifi as well. Is a solution to turn off auto updates completely so I definetly know if there is an issue ? What else can I do ? all Customer services have suggested is getting them to turn off data completely which negates having a smart phone? I want a smart phone as an emergency in case I need to access the net out of my home.

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Re: Data Usage

You need to check mobile data usage on your phone it's used data somewhere

Regretfully even the slightest amount of data will attract the £3 daily charge on Virgin. It really is not the sort of tariff you want with a smartphone

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