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Data Only Works Intermittently

On our wavelength

I’m having problems with my Virgin Mobile data in my home. According to the service map I should have good 4G signal indoors, if not 5G. I always have a connection, but often nothing will load unless I turn airplane mode off and on - it will then work for a few minutes before the same thing happens again.

Our household is also on Virgin and we have problems with our Wi-Fi signal too, so using that also isn’t a solution (not to mention that we are currently without broadband for up to 5 days due to a local service issue). 


Hi Yakuza Kitty 👋thank you for getting back to us! 

Really sorry to hear this may be a signal issue in the house (even with the four bars showing). Would you also be able to let us know the following;

-Is the Handset up to date with software?

-Have you checked if there are multiple apps or browsers running in the background? (If possible remove any of these to test the effects without!)

-Can you please try running a test for us? Swap to Aeroplane mode for 10-20 seconds and see f this helps the signal at all. 
Let us know how you get on! Thank you 🌞


Hi Molly

  • Handset software is up to date
  • No I close my apps when I’m not using them
  • I regularly HAVE TO turn airplane mode on for a few seconds and off again as my mobile data crashes or gets stuck loading. At the moment I’m doing this every couple of minutes which is (as I’m sure you can understand) driving me insane

Thanks for coming back to the thread @yakuzakitty, can you please confirm when the sim card was last updated? 

This would probably be the next step in this situation, however it would be helpful to see how the sim card you currently have performs in an alternative handset to see if the fault follows the sim card, or points towards a device issue.

Kindest regards,


Hi David,

I got the SIM card about a year ago when I started my contract if that’s what you mean?

As I’ve said before, I don’t have another handset available to try this in. I feel like I’m starting to go in circles a bit now…

Thanks for coming back to me @yakuzakitty.

Beyond trying an alternative sim card, we wouldn't be able to rule out any handset issue that maybe the cause of the issue you're experiencing.

Check out the purple envelope in the top right hand corner and we can start the process of trying out a new sim card for you.

Kindest regards,