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Credit where it's due

Just switched over to Virgin Mobile for me and wife and just want to say thanks for a pain free process.

1. Placed the order on sunday.

2. SIMs delivered tuesday morning. PAC codes submitted tuesday

3. Both phone numbers transferred on Wednesday without issue.

I like the web interface and billing as it's much better than my previous supplier. The switch over was fast and without issue.

The plan is better value for both of us ie £9 per month - 2500 mins, 5gb data so I'm more than happy.
I know some times things do go wrong or people get delays (hence the posts) but sometimes it's just nice to say thanks and give credit where it's due.

Thank you.

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Re: Credit where it's due

I second your post - I ordered a sim - got it 2 days later - same for the wife when she did hers a few days later - We've gone from 100GB combined allowance for £85 on EE to 245GB for £38 - loving it 🙂

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