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Continuous charges for a service not used

Hi Support,

I have phoned in countless times to explain that I am being charged for a mobile service which has never been used and was cancelled within the cooling down period.

My last phone call i was advised that I would receive a call back from a manger to authorise a refund, and that the matter will be solved.

Yesterday I received a letter from debt collectors, which is now putting my credit profile at risk.

Long story short:

I have paid for something that I am not using, I have called multiple times to get this resolved but with no luck. You can review the activity on the sim card and will see it is evident that it has never been used.

I have tried to call virgin mobile today but could not get passed security because I cannot remember the password I set (one for which i dont remember even setting up). I have offered other means to validate who I am (e.g bank account, sort code, information related to my existing virgin broadband account, how much I've paid to virgin mobile) and apparently the only way forward is to send a letter via post to reset the password. 

Any support will be appreciated as I have called in atleast 6 times over the past 14 months to resolve this. 



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Forum Team
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Re: Continuous charges for a service not used

Hi Chris,


Thanks for posting on the community forums, apologies for our delayed response.


I am really sorry to hear of your recent experience in trying to close down your mobile account, it's really disappointing to hear that you have had to call us so many times in attempt to get's things sorted. 


I'd like to send you a PM so I can take a look at this for you. Please find my message over at the purple envelope.


See you there,