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Continued problem with phone restriction

pay monthly, long term customer of many years, i was sent a new unrequested sim a month or two ago. Put it in, got a 'restriction' error asking for code. Phoned three times, each waiting nearly an hour, first two  put the phone down on me when asked for line manager!

third very helpful asked for imei nd gave me a code. it didn't work. said I'd get a call from tech to help. didn't get a call, got an email with same code from an address that doesn't take replies!

Absolutely at end of tether about what should be a simple thing to sort out!

It's an old phone, don't want a new one, has worked for years on virgin so don't understand what the prob is or why it can't be solved easily. Customer service is worst I've ever experienced.

Have paid for two months 'service' which i haven't had as phone in not able to connect to network.

I would like this to be sorted out please, is this the right place to ask?

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