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Connecting to wrong number even though number dialled is correct

Joining in

I have seen that others are experiencing a similar problem. I am dialling a Virgin landline from a Virgin mobile and sometimes get an answer from a completely unknown recipient, sometimes can get no answer from the person called. Yesterday, my intended call rang at the correct place and the person at the other end was hearing a conversation with a third party, completely different to the call I was hearing. This is truly messed up. The number I am dialling is set up on speed dial and works often enough to know it is correct, so I cannot be mis-dialling. The problem is happening often enough to warrant serious investigation. I am sufficiently worried to stop using the mobile to phone this number and use my own landline instead since I cannot guarantee who is being connected in. Can anyone say how to report this to Virgin Mobile? I can find no options for this sort of problem within the Virgin Media website.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @jock_183

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Thank you for making this post regarding the mobile issues you are experiencing, I'm sorry to hear your are calling one number but getting different and strange results sometimes. Does this happen with every call you make to a landline from your mobile, or only when calling on specific number?

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I can only think of it occurring on one specific number, but it has happened a number of times.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for letting me know. Does the issue still occur when you dial the number manually from your mobile handset rather than speed dial?

Are you able to try calling this landline from a different mobile to see if the issue still occurs then as well?

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We generally revert to calling from our landline. I will try calling in different ways to see whether there are any other instances of the fault. 

Hi jock_183

Just a short message to see if you have been able to replicate the issue from calling in different ways?


I have experienced something similar. This morning I tried to call my children's school from my Virgin Mobile and twice I was connected to a doctor's surgery before I managed - calling exactly the same number - to connect to the school. The number was definitely correct on my phone and on my bill. We live in an area where Virgin Media supplies lots of landlines/broadband.

Something similar happened to me last month when I phoned a local tradesman and was connected twice to the council instead.

I can track down exact dates, times and numbers if someone is able to investigate. My guess is that it's at the landline end rather than the mobile phone end because the numbers show up correctly in my mobile bill.

Hi JohnPercival

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Sorry to hear you've had some trouble with your mobile connecting to the right landline number. Can you confirm if your mobile package is with Virgin or are you with another network?

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Yes I'm with Virgin Mobile

Thank you for confirming JohnPercival

Can you try a network search to see if the issue resolves the routing issue?

Can you  try the sim in another handset to see if anything changes?

Are you calling through the phone book or through a message thread? If a message, try deleting the message and try the number again.

When you dial these numbers are you which format are you using? Does anything change when you use +44 or 07 at the beginning of the number?

Here to help 🙂
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