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Complaint reference C-1011221419 Swap to O2 & Gadget Rescue

Joining in

I made a complaint on the above reference as I had awful trouble swapping my mobile from Virgin to O2 and I lost my service for a day. In addition, I pay for Gadget rescue monthly and used the service one evening no problem and then tried to use it again the next morning and was told I could not use this service as I had not paid for it, but I had! Somehow Virgin had duplicated my account in error. I want compensating for having paid for a service that I was refused through no fault of my own, I have received a reply from Virgin Media dated 14/11/2022 which states: "Here's what we offer as a resolution: Package - .>Extra info on package and product"  We hope this works for you. We'll keep your complaint open for 28 days from now just in case you still want to talk through your options. Please ring us on 0345 454 1111 if you're not completely happy with the resolution. So, I rang the number and despite being transferred several times and no one could find any record of my complaint. Well, I am far from satisfied but how can I let them know if they tell me on the letter to call but no one on that number can trace my complaint! How pathetic! The letter came from Virgin Media, Sunderland SR43 4AA   Can someone please tell Virgin I am far from satisfied and my complaint still stands!