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Chasing response from Diversionary Support Team

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Hope you're well...

Made contact with yourselves on 1st March - on the back of this, I emailed diversionarysupport@ regarding the green Virgin Mobile cabinet (fully appreciate that this is likely to have been inherited from NTL) that is on my dad's land without permission...

As yet, we have not received any response.

As my dad wishes to incorporate this area of land into his garden, we would like a response by the end of this week - if this is not forthcoming, we will instruct solicitors to begin handling this on our behalf.


Dave 🙂


No worries, please do keep us updated.

They will look into this for you and check over everything. 

Matt - Forum Team

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Alessandro Volta

After decades of neglect your father now wishes to use this strip of land outside the wall? Good luck in persuading a judge that the council cannot claim this land under adverse possession.

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Alessandro Volta

Your father is going to extend his garden up to the edge of the road. That means he is going to enclose the street light and the signpost. Are the Council aware of this? 

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