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Charged for cancelling within 14 days

Hi All,

Just to update you on my original post about this awful Company (see copied text below). I have been promised a refund from the Virgin Team on here but that never came, and I now have a letter from the Complaints Dept I e mailed saying that as they hadn't replied I could take it to CISAS for an Independant review. I will be doing so and also reporting it to Ofcom.

If you are thinking of moving to Virgin, as an experiment try ring their customer services first to query billing and then do the same with someone like EE. Virgin keep you on the phone for over an hour and then cut you off, EE you get through straight away. 



Signed up to virgin on a 12 month contract on the 19th February but never received the sim card. Just rang up (which took over an hour on hold) to cancel it as I am well within the 14 days cooling off period. Spoke to a lady who was very nice and clearly told me there would be no charges at all unless I had used it  because I was with the 14 days and she would process it.

I then got an e mail to say "we have cancelled your contract as requested" Your 12m has ended but a 1 month notice period still applies, so you'll pay £6.71 on your next bill to cover the rest of your notice period to 03/-03/2021 -04/04/21. That is on top of the £13 Virgin already took out of my bank today.

Thier customer satisfaction guarantee says "You’ll be charged for any airtime or data used or bought according to your plan" so why am I being charged when I haven't used any..

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