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Charged Twice


Back in April I was going to change my contract but there was a buyout fee for the months up until August so I didn't change it.

Last month (July) I had texts and emails that my contract was going to be up so I should change it. I went onto the website and changed my contract to a tariff only and there were no prompts about additional charges.

This month (August) I have been charged my new contract and my old contract even though there were no prompts about it. If I had had these I would not have changed my contract until the prior one was finished.

I did call phone support but the person on the phone didn't understand and kept telling me I was confused so I thought I would come to the forum.




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Forum Team
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Re: Charged Twice

Hi Astontia, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to our community. 

Sorry to hear there's been some issues with your contract and being charged twice, this ins't what we like to hear. 

If the contract was changed in the middle of a month then it is possible there would be some pro rata charges but this is something you would have been advised about. 

I'm keen to take a closer look so I'll pop you a personal message and we'll take it from there. 


Emma_C - Forum Team
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