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Cant Register to network abroad

Tuning in

Hi all 

I have encountered a problem where my sim doesn't connect to any network I am abroad in Spain for nearly 2 weeks it was fine until today it wouldn't register to any network.
need help with it, please.

have tried rebooting countless of times
Search for network
tried airplane mode on/off 
data roaming is on 

any help is appreciated otherwise ill have to go with another carrier
thank you 


Joining in

Having the same problem here in Greece. Everything was fine until this afternoon. Can’t seem to get hold of anyone at Virgin to help either, the contact links just go round in circles until they lead here.

same it only happened today
and I have been a virgin customer for years and they really let me down

Hi @CorsairMoe 👋 & @Maramoo 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies for the delay in responding. Are you still having the same issue? This link 👉 will be able to assist you. You may need to reset your roaming service. Please keep us updated on this matter.



thanks for getting back
resolved the issue by placing my sim in another phone that was using a local sim and registering it on a network on that phone before putting it back on mine.

@Maramoo hopefully this works for you