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Cannot set up Virgin Media/O2 ID or pay off handset

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I've been having a hugely frustrating afternoon trying to sort this out.  My phone line was handed over to O2 along with everyone elses.

When I rearranged my broadband when I moved house in 2022, I was offered an additional O2 SIM as part of the package.  I set up that SIM with my email address at the time.  I have recently been trying to pay off my handset contract and have not been able to make any headway with either Virgin or O2.  Virgin directed me to O2, O2 spent 60 minutes and 5 different people trying to figure out how I could pay the handset contract off but eventually just hung up on me!

I thought it might be useful to get my virgin media/O2 ID sorted in case that will help and turns out I can't do that either.  Everytime I try, it refuses to let me use the email address associated with my virgin account as it is the email address used for the additional O2 SIM.

I just want to give someone £400 to pay off my account and neither company seems able to facilitate that!

Any help would be appreciated.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us @fullofpenguins, and welcome back to our Community Forums!

Sorry to hear of the issue you've been experiencing when trying to pay off the handset loan.

You would need to be able to access your Security Key, which would have been issued with you at point of sale.

I'd be happy to pick this up for you, with the hope of allowing you to gain access to the Security Key, which should then allow you to make the desired payment



Hello David - thank you for your response.  I have my security key - it allows me to see a page with the details of whatI still owe but there is no working link to pay off the device. Please can you advise what I should do?