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Cannot hear incoming calls.

Joining in

Good evening.

I have the same issue as many others in that I receive incoming calls on mobile and the caller can hear me but I cannot hear them, or cannot hear each other.

I have followed all of the steps in the posts on here.  Reset phone, cleared cache, started in safe mode, set roaming settings as advised, cleaned SIM card, tried SiIM in different phone etc etc…  

WhatsApp and Messenger etc work fine.

From the many post on here it seems clear that this is an ongoing network issue.  

Currently in Spain and phone was working fine until a few weeks ago.

Has anyone managed to resolve this?

Fingers crossed…. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Jerrob, 

Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting 

I am very sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with roaming in Spain. 

Just to confirm, are these the settings that you have previously amended? 

For Android:
Select Apps from the Home Screen
Select Virgin SIM Toolkit Icon
Select Roaming
Select Mode
Select Manual
Select International-you are done, go back to Home Screen

To Switch back when in the UK:
Select Apps from Home screen
Select Virgin SIM Toolkit Icon
Select Roaming
Select Mode
Select Automatic and go back to Home Screen

For iOS:
Select Settings from the Home Screen
Select Phone Icon
Select SIM Applications
On newer iOS 14 - Settings -> Mobile Data -> SIM Applications
Select Roaming
Select Mode
Select Manual
Select International and you are done, go back Home screen to retry

Thank you, 




Hi Nat,

Yes that’s exactly what I’ve done.  Haven’t returned to the UK yet so have only done the first step.

Thank you

Thank you. 

You mentioned that everything was working fine a few weeks ago, was this whilst you were in Spain? 

Have you switched networks whilst being there please? 



Hi Nat, it’s often been a bit hit and miss with answering calls over here, but now all calls are the same, in that I cannot hear the caller but they can hear me.  If it’s someone I know I can call them back with no problem.  Had half a dozen calls today from UK which were the same

Not changed network to the best of my knowledge.  It may have done it automatically I guess, but not noticed.

Thanks again.

Hi Jerrob, no problem!

If you are coming back to the UK soon please do be aware you will need to change the SIM roaming app back to Automatic mode once in the UK or you will not be able to access service when you return.

Have you tried a reboot on the handset since making the changes? Has this made any improvement?

All the best. 


Hi Molly,  

Yes, I’ll change settings when I return to the UK.

Have rebooted the handset after each change to no avail.  

I see from the posts on this forum that numerous people have been having the same problem since before last year and it has been narrowed down to a network issue.

Thanks you

Hi Jerrob, thank you for the update. 

Let us know how you get on following your return to the UK!

It is true to say there can sometimes be network issues whilst travelling abroad. Whilst roaming away from home your service is provided by one of our partners via a mast in the local area. Sadly we are limited with the support we can provide if the issue is with part of the network overseas. Thank you for taking the time to raise it to us, we have fed this back internally!

All the best. 


Hi Molly,


This is a well documented issue in this forum with many people suffering the same problem.

There are many posts dating back over a year with identical issues.

As I may not be returning to the UK for weeks or even a couple of months I’d like to hope that the issue could be resolved by more than waiting until I return.

I have attempted every resolution on these forums and am still left with a phone that is useless for incoming calls.

I would be grateful for a resolution to this.

Thank you

Thanks for the responses regarding this Jerrob,

To further investigate the incoming call issue, I've dropped you a PM.

You'll find the message within the purple envelope icon.