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Cannot call from abroad

Joining in

I cannot make calls from abroad back to the UK. When I try, it does not even ring. It just drops the line.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi mikeylew1, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the calls, can you confirm if you get an issue when sending texts, What make and Model the handset is and if you got a welcome message when you enteredd the country? - Chris.

Don't remember a welcome message. Honestly don't recall.

Handset is a Samsung S8+.

When I put the number directly in without the UK code in front of it is asks if you want to use roaming or home country. But with the home country, it prefixes the number with +32. That is Belgium??

You would need to dial the number starting with +44, can you confirm if dial assist is switched on and if a network search changes anything? ^CW

The only message I saw was about wanting to send picture messages or have data abroad?

Dial assist?

Hi mikeylew1, can you confirm if you are able to use the data connection and it is only the calls and texts which are affected?

 - Chris

Don't know. Running off wifi and had no plans to use data.

Hi Mikey. 

Would you be able to confirm which country you are in at the moment? 

Can you confirm that the roaming is switched on in the phone settings? 


Thailand and yes it is.