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Cancel simcards and receive a refund


Since joining virgin I was relatively happy with the mobile service. The issues started when you upgraded your sim cards two years ago. Since then I have been paying for a service that is nonexistent and I have finally had enough. I have contacted you by phone for the past two years to no avail, you don't have an email service, which is totally ridiculous in this day and age and there is absolutely no way to sort it out online.  I am unhappy to say that I am far from pleased with the service I am receiving and will no longer to continue paying for.

I believe the following issues that I am experiencing are all against the promises with your contract and therefore you are breaking your agreement with me.

1) The sim card you provided does not function and hasn't since 2020. I have let you know many times via the phone (which never gets answered) and letters. Having reported this on many chat forums, since you cannot be contacted via phone or email, it seems this happens to a lot and is a problem with the Virgin Mobile system as a whole.

2) You do not have a customer service department and since that is the case, I will no longer be your customer. The phone number(s) you have provided are always busy and when they are not busy the representatives do not know how to speak English. The online forums provided a bit of help but the help took months to be given and did not fix the problem, since then, they have provided no help whatsoever.

3) Your complaints department is a joke, complaints have been sent, then a reply is given to say the complaint has been received and then another reply to say that the complaints department tried to call but how can they call a number that doesn't function. If I try to use the other number then you assume that the issue is with that sim card, which it is not.

4) Every month, without fail, you take the payment for the service that you are not providing which is going to stop.

5) Whenever there is a price increase you are very quick to send out letters to say that there will be one, it is such a shame that you are not able to help in the same way.

6) I have two sim cards with you and as a result of you being unwilling to help, I will be cancelling both and all future direct debits will be cancelled. Also since you have not provided on your end what was agreed, your information will in the very near future be passed on to the respective agencies to collect what does not belong to you.

7) Since 2020, I have been paying for a service that you have not been providing and I have requested in previous letters for the monies paid to be refunded, but that has also been ignored, further action will be taken to fix it if you do not reply properly this time.  

😎 Since the beginning of this year, the one functioning sim card has been very intermittent. Apparently it due to you moving to another provider. As far as I am concerned, you are unable to offer the services as previously agreed . There is also an intermittent echo on the line when calls are made.

9) When I try to login to virgin media, which is the link provided for your web cancellation form, it keeps saying my password and username are incorrect which is not true as virgin media and virgin mobile both have the same login information. When I login to virgin mobile I am unable to cancel because you did not provide a functioning sim card I cannot send you the information needed for the PAC or STAC codes because you do not and have not provided the service that is paid for.

With all of the above being taken into consideration I truly believe that Virgin Mobile is failing to keep to its half of the contract and therefore I request for the contract to be cancelled for both phone numbers and all payments for the number to be refunded from 2020.

I consider what you offer and what you provide to be an absolutely appalling service and I will be taking this matter further if you are still unable to help. I should have realised, before accepting a service from you, that since you are a virgin company, you are totally inexperienced even though it is not your first time, it will surely be your last and you are far from pure. You should change your name to Celibate because that is what you will become if you keep going on like this.

Before taking this matter further I am giving you the opportunity to settle this matter without any further public action being taken because it is not what you know but who you know, by allowing the cancellations due the above list of failures on Virgin Media services and a refund for the services you haven't provided. I also expect a refund of the credit that is in the account. I do not want a sales retention call as I was a customer but because of your horrendous customer service that has now ceased. I will also be sending letters to your addresses and even though it is wishful thinking, I will wait for a response.

Many Thanks

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Re: Cancel simcards and receive a refund

Hi VIRONEOHONE, thanks for the message. I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the service and this is not the experience which we want you to have. I can see that you are looking to cancel the number's and this can be done by calling the Mobile retentions team on 0800 183 1150. - Chris. 

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