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Can't register for online account

I have been trying to register for an online account, I have entered my mobile number and get asked for an answer to a security question. I have never set one up and the question is completely blank. I can get no further.

Customer services told me initially to wait 48hrs and try again, no success. They then told me my account had been reset and to try again, no success. Third time they told me they had no record of my previous calls or of me having previously registered so couldn't explain it and someone would contact me back, they haven't.

What do I do now?

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Re: Can't register for online account

Hi TheWasper,


Thanks for posting, it's good to see you back Smiley Happy


The answer to the security question would be the exact same one as if you were to call us. When you call we ask for certain characters of it in order to proceed through to the account.


This would have been set up when you first opened the account. So all you need to do it enter that and you should be good to go. Sometimes it's all in upper case, other times it's all in lower case and also a mixture of both.


Let me know how you get on with this.



Forum Team

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