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Can’t receive incoming calls on mobile

Joining in

Hi there, 

I have not been able to receive calls on my phone since Monday. I have tried resetting the phone, resetting network settings, swapping over sims to see if it is the phone and ensuring do not disturb is off. 
Nothing has worked. 
I can make calls fine and I get calls from my son who is on the same plan but no one else. I  cannot receive texts also. I have had my phone/ contract a while with no issues. 
Any help is appreciated. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Katie78


Good morning and thanks for posting on our community forum, a big warm welcome to you with this being your first post here.


Sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your mobile, are you able to go into your mobile settings are refresh your network connection and check if this is still occurring?


You can also get mobile help here:



Forum Team

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Thanks for this, I have already tried all of the above and just done it again with no luck. 

Hi @Katie78


Thank you for your response


I am going to drop you a private message to confirm some details and investigate this further. Please keep an eye on your inbox for a message from myself.



Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Same issue here. Recently updated system software on Samsung Galaxy A12. Now unable to receive calls or texts, despite being able to make both. All other phone functions seem normal.

I've spent over an hour with Samsung customer support trying the usual handset fixes, i.e. reboot, reset, network settings, call forwarding / block settings etc. I swapped the sim to an older phone but still had the same issue. I changed to a new sim two days ago and still have the same problem. However I HAVE received text messages from Virgin after activating the new sim  (config messages, and the usual monthly account usage message !! ) 

Can I ask this here, or do you want a new post starting?


Feel free! 
i haven’t had any luck yet. I did phone up the customer services centre twice, same as you new sim, reset all settings tried in different phones. I was then put through to their teir 2 faults team and the women said that it is uncommon but it seems to be an issue from when my number was ported from Vodafone. I have to wait till Tuesday till their porting department is back open and they will contact Vodafone and sort from there. 
i did. call Vodafone helpline to check that number, they advised that the number and services are all with Virgin so who knows!!

very frustrating and more frustrating is that virgin do not have a call forwarding option!! So I can’t even forward my calls! 

I hope this is resolved soon or I will be cancelling my contract! 
Hope you have more luck! 

My sim was, and has been for years, a Virgin one, so porting isn't the issue in my case, but the problem did start after a handset system update. We wait and see then. Thanks for the update so far.

Hi Westy4,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, as you advised your issue started when your Handset was updated, please can you expand a little on what happened and what you have already tried?



Hi Paul.

On 12th Sept (mid day or so) I performed a routine system update on my A12. All appeared to go as normal, with no error messages,

The following day I tried to use 2 part authentication for online banking, but didn't receive the passcode text. I tried another site with a similar two part system, and again, no text. Rang my mobile from my landline and after a few seconds silence, received a 'number is temporarily unavailable' message. The mobile, however, was able to make outgoing calls and send text messages to contacts on other networks.

Contacted Samsung and spent over an hour with them resetting network settings, restoring the phone settings, checking for call forward settings, do not disturb etc. only stopping short of a full factory reset. I tried the sim in an older phone and found the same issue - i.e calls and texts out, were fine, but not incoming. This seems to indicate a sim / network issue since the older phone was not subject to the newer software just updated. The sim I was using was apparently issued in 2018, so no new sim / porting issues to cause the problem.

Ordered a new Virgin sim and installed it, with the same issue. After almost 24 hours (on 16th Sept, giving the network change to update the sim) I contacted Virgin support who supposedly deactivated my old sim (this worked) and activated my new sim. I received service messages from Virgin with the config settings and installed those, but still couldn't receive calls, or texts. This issue also moved if I retried the new sim in my older phone, so it would appear, not my phone causing it !!

I have since received my monthly usage and data report message texts from Virgin, since this issue started, but still cannot receive texts or calls from anyone else.



Thank you Westy4,

Is the Issue happening everywhere you go, are there any known issues showing on the Network, have you tried the new sim in a different phone?